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How To Choose The Best Domain Name


Our Great Idea

When we have a great idea for a new website we need two things to start with, a Domain Name and then we need somewhere to host our new website.

Quite often many sites will offer us a package deal which includes a free domain name with our hosting, it is extremely important that you only choose a generic name for this first domain when setting up your account, do not use the ‘best idea’ domain name you really want to use.

Why Is It So?

As the famous Professor Julious Sumner Miller always use to say ‘WHY IS IT SO?”

Let me explain: I always like to keep my domain names separated from my hosting account, in other words, I register all my new domain names with one provider and have my hosting with a separate provider.

I do this because if I had my very best domain name incorporated with my hosting account off the bat, then if I ever have a problem with the hosting company, e.g. if I want to change to another hosting provider for any reason it may be extremely hard for me to transfer my domain name to another hosting service. Another reason is because if you let the hosting company register your domain name for you, there is no guarantee that your domain name actually belongs to you.

Better Idea

Much better to just register your hosting using a generic domain name and keep all your good domain names under your control with a Domain Name Registrar, this way, if you ever want to change your hosting, you can jut point your domain names to the new hosting provider (simple to do).

So, you are always in control of your baby, never give it to someone else to look after.

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