Dot Com Secrets Review

What Is Dot Com Secrets?

Here is my short review on the Russell Brunson book Dot Com Secrets.

This is the second copy I own, the first was rather ‘weather worn' I read it to death and kept referring back to it and so I thought I would treat myself to another copy.

Dot Com Secrets

Dot com secrets is not just another ‘how to' book about internet marketing or how to successfully deploy a winning, client-getting sales funnel. Nor is it a book about getting more traffic to your website, although this book will certainly help you achieve both of these things.

The Shortcut

What dot com secrets is all about is, it is a shortcut. By that, I mean that a lot of the problems that plague most websites today is a lack of traffic and also a lack of conversions. These problems can sometimes be obvious and other times, not so obvious.

The secret then, is to look at the underlying cause of these problems and to find a solution so that your website will be transformed into a marketing platform that will run on auto-pilot  that you can get on with more important things in your life like more holidays, more time spent with your family etc.

What Dot Com Secrets IS

When you get your free, yes, I said free (just pay shipping), copy of Dot Com Secrets in your hot little hands, you will have a playbook on the systems you can put in place that actually work!

The book details many trials and strategies that have been battle tested in the field. What you end up with is a shortcut to improve your online business profitability.

Imagine This

What you are looking for is like trying to find the holy grail or in fact looking for  a needle in a haystack. What Dot Com Secrets actually does is like removing all the hay so you are left with the needle. After thousands of split tests and millions of visitors, you will now have access to the funnels that actually work in the real world.

Hope This Helps!

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