Hosting – Free or Paid

Free or Paid? That is The Question.
The answer to this question really depends on your budget, if you have access to available funds, then the Paid option for your websites hosting and domains is always preferable, simply because it offers a faster and more professional approach to your internet presence.

If your funds are limited (or non-existent), do not be deterred because there are even advantages when you set up your website using free methods, I will briefly cover both options.

Free Methods
There are many different options to set up your free blog, one of the best of these is a service called Blogger. Lets look at some main advantages:

1. Blogger is free.

2. Blogger is owned by Google, so chances are extremely high that your blogger blog will get indexed by the search engines very rapidly.

3. You can easily build a good looking blog using this platform, you don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to use it. It has a great interface and lots of instructions on how to build your site.

4. Setting up your website presence using this method is a good training ground for your future website en-devours and I don’t think there is any restriction on the number of websites you can setup using this method.

Paid Methods
Once again, there are hundreds of different paid website platforms and hosting providers out there, we will look at the two that I use:

My main platform I use is the  Clickfunnels Platform, the reason I use this platform is because :

It offers many pre-designed websites that allows you to set up a new niche website set up in minutes regardless of what niche.
It offers a few low cost options and also has a business model you can adopt as your own to make a regular income from the platform.
It also includes a SSL , making your websites secure . When you go to a website that does not have this, you will get a warning from google (you may have seen them) that the website is unsafe.

To find out more about clickfunnels and to get a FREE ecom guide click this link below

Auto Responder
It includes an interface for you to use many of the popular auto-responder systems.

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