Make Even More Money With Kindle


  MORE    = MORE 

Question : What could be better than having a money making book on Kindle?

Answer :  Having Three!

Consider This

One other way to increase your Kindle book earnings rapidly, is to have a series of books related to your main topic.  You could either split your existing book into three parts or write another two books that will compliment your first one in the series.

This way you increase your chances of making an even larger sale , because ,lets say , you are selling all books for $2.99, total $8.97.   If you sell one book you make $2.99 (minus Amazons commision) , if you were to BUNDLE all three books together as a package (easy to do) then you could offer them for $5.95 .

You increase your chances of making a larger sale, it is a win win situation because your customer is getting a better discount also.

Why This Method Works So Well

One of the reasons this method works really well is because, if someone wants to learn about a new subject, then they will normally not just buy one book about it, generally they will find as many books about their subject to learn as much as they can about it.

Also, with fiction books, if someone likes your first book, or likes the sound of it, they will be more inclined to buy the whole series.

Hope This Helps

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