Here are some programs I use personally and my own Internet journey started when I received a free copy of Russell Brunsons book  Dot  Com  Secrets…

  1. Dot Com Secrets.  An easy (layman's)  guide to how you can start your own online business, the tools you will need and what steps you need to take.

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2. One Funnel Away Challenge.  This is where it starts – dip your toe in the water and in 30 days you will have an online business and all the knowledge you need to make it successful.

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3. My Secret Weapon.  This is the program I use to look at the many different Niche's on Kindle to see if the niche is a profitable one. Kindle Spy tells me how much each author is making on a monthly basis for which book, quite and amazing bit of kit really.

The software is not free but it is worth every penny, believe me. You will soon see why I love it so much.

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4. Stock Nation 25,000 Royalty Free Images. Forget about Adobe, these images are top quality and dirt cheap, this is the only place I go now for all my images.


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